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Who We Are

Geographical Information System Specialist

Harterra has more than 20 years experience delivering GIS solutions for natural resource, environmental, hydropower and utility sectors, as well as working with the municipal, regional and provincial government in Interior BC.

Not a typical GIS consulting company focused only on technology, we provide support, training, education, and expertise to make our clients geospatial programs successful.

Harterra doesn’t concentrate on a single GIS solution such as Esri, Intergraph or open source packages. Instead, we focus on meeting the needs of each individual client and applying the correct solution. We pride ourselves on our wide breadth of experience and knowledge.

We pride ourselves on our wide breadth of experience and knowledge in all things GIS.


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    Business Analysis

    We focus on helping our clients determine the workflows, technologies, and processes relating to geospatial infrastructure and the right tools to help make them successful. We help support our customers by looking for opportunities to leverage their existing investments.

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    Project Program & Support

    We support projects by helping to develop standards, proposals and providing expert advice on different aspects of geospatial projects and technologies. By utilizing our expertise, our client’s projects become save time and money.

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    Region of Service

    Success isn’t just software, it requires a holistic approach that we can discover opportunities to leverage existing investments, resources and knowledge base for maximum results. We focus on determining the geospatial infrastructure workflows, technologies, tools and processes needed for Success.

  • Want to have orthophoto or LiDAR collected, but not sure what to ask for or who to turn to?
  • Need help putting together a business case for new geospatial technology, data or other resources?
  • Need to hire a GIS staff member but not sure what to look for or what skills are required to be successful?
  • Want a review of and comments on a proposed geospatial project?

What Sets Us Apart

HARTerra is passionate about all things geospatial. Located in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia, HARTerra is owned and operated by Jason and Kathleen Hart. 

Jason Hart

Jason Hart

Geographical Information System Specialist

Jason has nearly 20 years of experience in GIS, working with customers in the natural resource and electrical utility sectors along with municipal and provincial governments. This has included large and complicated enterprise GIS solutions to small single user solutions spanning server based systems to mobile applications.



City of Penticton Electric

Implementation of an ArcFM based enterprise GIS solution for a small municipal-owned electric utility including configuration, development, data migration and training. This project involved the migration of CAD data, spreadsheets and Access databases into a single enterprise geodatabase that provides access to the geometric network to trace electrical flow as well as a repository of information on all utility assets – poles, streetlights, transformers, conductor, cable, switches, civil structures and customer information. The information is made available to field staff, office workers and management through robust desktop tools, simplified web based applications and mobile devices in the field.



Support for Inundation & Dam Safety Related Hydrological Modelling

Projects for engineering firm in support of municipalities in East and West Kootenay – Trail, Kimberley and Cranbrook – using tools such as HEC-RAS and HEC-HMS. This involved developing terrain information by integrating CAD, DEM and LiDAR data into seamless elevation models as well as the creation of other hydrological information such as stream banks, centerlines and cross sections into formats and data structures required to support the engineering modelling applications. The results of the engineering models were brought back into the GIS to develop client presentation materials for visualizing the project area and key items such as inundation, water velocities or other analyzed parameters.



Water / Waste-Water Enterprise GIS Implementation

Implementation of core Esri technology and extension of Esri solution templates for the management of water and wastewater assets for a municipal government. This project included enterprise geodatabase design, data migration from CAD and database formats, data review and cleanup along with application development of tools for managing as-built documents and exporting data back into CAD from the Esri solution.

Custom ArcGIS Geoprocessing add-ins were created for tracking retirements and field abandonments and importing CCTV data collected to allow users to view condition information collected in the field and access images and video files from the GIS.



Parcel Web Mapping Application

Utilizing Esri server and development tools, a web mapping application was created by extending the Esri Web App Builder solution with custom themes and widgets based on well designed and implemented data management solutions to provide users with access to spatial information, provide custom parcel reports and link to documents stored on the corporate network as well as to georeferenced infrastructure as-builts PDF libraries. This involved developing REST services (map services and geoprocessing services) that were managed through an ArcGIS portal site and integrated into an HTML5 Esri Web application with custom templates and widgets implemented to meet the client’s business need to find and access information to manage their municipality.



Business Support for Corporate GIS Implementation

Coordination with municipal business units – Public Works, Information T, Engineering, Planning and Land Use – on developing geospatial capacity within the organization to transition from legacy database and mapping solutions into an enterprise class GIS solution. This involved coordinating working groups and steering committees, developing business requirement, project scopes and definitions to meet the business needs of the organization. A holistic approach was used that included supporting and training users and helping the organization to implement business workflows that made the GIS technology investments successful as well as designing and implementing server, web, mobile and desktop esri GIS technology to enable the organization to modernize their geospatial infrastructure.

Canadian Infrastructure Report Card

“Almost 60% of Canada’s core public infrastructure is owned and maintained by municipal governments. According to survey results, the total value of core municipal infrastructure assets is estimated at $1.1 trillion dollars, or about $80,000 per household.”

“One-third of our municipal infrastructure is in fair, poor or very poor condition, increasing the risk of service disruption.”

Download the Full Report Here

Our Capabilities

Development and Implementation

  • Geospatial enterprise system design
  • Geospatial business solutions & business process development
  • GIS infrastructure architecture and design
  • Geospatial mobile application design and development
  • Geospatial web application design and development
  • ARCGIS online development
  • Edit desktop solutions
  • ARCFM development and implementation
  • Geospatial Python tool and application development
  • Geodatabase, database design and schema development
  • Geospatial enterprise system implementation
  • Systems integration GIS/customer information/ asset management/financial and other systems

Data Management

  • Remote sensing data acquisition and management
  • Data conversion and migration
  • GIS data analytics and modelling
  • Spatial data management
  • SAFE FME data migration and conversions

Support and Project Management

  • GIS workflow automation
  • Geospatial decision support
  • Geospatial business planning
  • GIS software training
  • ARCFM implementation support
  • Geoprocessing services
  • Orthophoto and Lidar collection solutions
  • Human resources – support screening for GIS hires
  • Business case development
  • Mentoring
  • Best practices
  • Standards development
  • Business process development

Contact Us

Tired of waiting for tech support for your GIS software only to be disappointed by the answer and left without knowing how to proceed? Contact HARTerra and our experts will help you find solutions.

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